Game Art & Design


Engaging design starts with a strong foundation. Before diving into any visual development I pay my respects to layout and composition. Wireframes and sketches allow me to visualize how best to tackle the upcoming art tasks and verify the functionality of my designs.

Visual Concepting

Along with the wireframes, I’ll collect dozens of inspirational screenshots into a mood board which I reference throughout visual concepting to guarantee a satisfactory aesthetic.

Final Touches and Polish

Undeniably the most enjoyable part of the process, bringing the skeleton to life with texture, typography and artistic shine transforms a concept into something worth sharing with the world.

Educational Games

I currently transform math concepts into imaginative experiences as a UI artist/designer for DreamBox Learning. I work alongside teachers, developers, UX leads and the art director to build educational games that encourage young minds to explore challenging math problems on desktop and iPad.


As project lead, I design dozens of 15-30 second casual games as a reward system to motivate users to progress through our lesson content. Paying close attention to each game variable, I balance the gameplay so that each game is an enjoyable challenge and each individual victory feels like a joyful accomplishment.