I am passionate about using technology to unlock the full potential of visual content. Whether it be improving artist efficiency with software plug-ins and automation scripts, bridging the communication gap between artists and developers, or empowering myself to view coding as a creative superpower rather than an artistic hurdle, I value technical know-how as my most powerful creative tool.

Pipeline Tools


Converts a directory of Flash files to HTML5 Canvas documents, updates their Symbols namespace to the appropriate file path, fixes problematic audio files and publishes HTML5-compatible JS files.


Scans through a document’s timeline for any Actionscript code and updates it with Javascript syntax.


Allows asset transformations (such as scale, rotate, flip and translate) to be made based on each individual symbol’s anchor point rather than a single group anchor.

Game Prototypes

Map Builder & Pathfinder (C#)

Builds a randomly-generated map with closed (0) and open (1) tiles. A pathfinding algorithm finds the shortest path between two open tiles.

Fish Generator (Actionscript)

Takes an array of visual components (head, body, scales, fin, tail and eyes), modifies each based on a set of design guidelines for size, layout & color and draws a unique fish.

Audio-Based Game Events (Actionscript)

Records a set of timings (in milliseconds) for each instrument, such as drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, etc. and triggers a game event for each one.

Game Assets

Procedurally-Generated Environments

Worked with a developer to create a set of customizable environment tiles used to construct mathematically arranged alien landscapes.

Software Experience

  • Visual Design - Adobe Creative Suite
  • Motion Graphics - After Effects, Animate (Flash)
  • 3D (Modeling, Textures & Shaders) - Unity3D, Cinema4D, Maya, Blender